What is Blink Shop?

Blink Shop is an advanced mobile application that helps all types of businesses to outsource their deliveries through nearby freelance drivers.Along with receiving orders directly from consumers.

This application reduces unnecessary operational cost that is being caused with the internal operations in any business.

Who are we?

Blink ultimate delivery™ is an online on-demand ordering and delivery platform. Offering three integrated mobile applications; BLINK Shop, BLINK Drive and BLINK through which consumers can simply and easily find the best deals of products around.

Your Advanced Delivery Tool!?Receive orders in milliseconds?Managing your data have never been easier?Request deliveries.. At any time?️Made for you?️Outsource your deliveries?Focus on your food business?Check your revenues from deliveries! from anywhere

Promotions & discounts

Create discounts, offers and promotional deals on your menu, which later can be redeemed by your customers through promo codes.

Receive orders from customers

Create an account, design your menu and start receiving orders in real time.

Orders History

In addition to viewing the current orders you are receiving, you can view all the history of received orders through Blink, and with details nonetheless.

Locate your customers

Our heat map reveals the locations of all the orders you’ve received. It indicates in which areas your customers are concentrated.

Live metrics and KPIs

Studying your market has never been easier, you can view your daily, weekly and monthly sales revenue in charts and graphs, check your peak rush hour and forecast future sales accordingly

Real time delivery tracking

Track your customers orders from the moment they leave your kitchen until they arrive at their doors.

Open and close your shop anytime!

At your convenience, you choose when to begin receiving orders. Simply change your status to online, and start your day!

Measure your growth

Track your revenue for each order to easily measure how much your business is growing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Request a delivery with one click!

Delivering an order no longer requires tiresome queuing – with one click, a driver will pick the order and swiftly deliver it to your customer! This is why dealing with us is exciting, cool, and flexible!

Out of items at your kitchen?

Don’t worry, you can simply turn on and off any item based on the availability in stock.

Designed for you!

Our new redesigned platform aims to make it easier for you to check your daily updates and access your profile.

Everything on cloud!

Don’t worry, you can simply turn on and off any item based on the availability in stock.

Advanced Data Management

Merchants are benefiting from the advanced Big Data analysis that are specifically made to help in future expansion of businesses, understanding their financial position, and when to use the marketing campaigns.

Respond to customer needs

Some customers want extra ketchup, no onions, extra cheese, or more sauce. Well, you can receive and clearly view your customers special requests per order.

Track your performance

Track your performance, rating, and feedback from customers at any given time.

Work from any device

    • Our systems works on any Android &  iOS Devices

    • Web Access Tool.

    • Advanced order searching module

    • Work from anywhere! Check your sales on the cloud.